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If the original purchase date is exactly one year past the current period, it is acceptable to start with one year from the date of delivery. 

Daiwa Felicity Warranty Information (updated October 25, 2022)

Warranties on most of our products expire in TWO (2) years on parts, and ONE (1) year on labor after the date of purchase. Please see your manual for the warranty conditions that are specific to that product.

U.S. JACLEAN,INC. (referred to as "the Warrantor") will repair products with new or rebuilt parts in case of defects in material or workmanship, free of charge, within the USA, provided that:

  1. The product is operated in accordance with the printed instructions supplied.
  2. The product is used under normal conditions for which it was designed.
  3. The product is not subjected to misuse, negligence, or accident.
  4. The product receives proper care, protection, and maintenance per the printed instructions supplied.

Warranty is extended to the original end user when purchased from an authorized U.S. JACLEAN,INC. distributor. A purchase receipt or other proof of date of the original purchase is required for service and parts replacement under this warranty. Warranty does not cover shipping charges for defected items 30 days after the date of purchase.

Coverage Conditions

Warranty only covers failures due to defects in materials and workmanship and does not cover normal wear or cosmetic damages. Warranty does not cover damages which occur in shipment, or failures which result from accident, misuse (including, without limitation, failure to comply with instructions and use limitations contained in the Operating Instructions), abuse, neglect, mishandling, faulty installation, set-up adjustments, improper operation or maintenance, alteration, modification, power line surge, lightning, improper line voltage, commercial use (such as hotel, office, restaurant, or other business or rental use of product), or service by anyone other than from U.S. JACLEAN,INC.

Continued use of the product after discovering a defect voids the warranty. Warranty shall be governed by the state of California, United States of America.

Please retain the Warranty Certificate that is included in your owner's manual, together with the original purchase receipt, and present it to our technician for inspection during service.

U.S. JACLEAN reserves the right to refuse any return or warranty claim if the required information for a return/warranty claim cannot be provided.

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